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Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness just above sleep that we all pass through as we fall asleep and wake up each morning.  

In this state I can communicate directly with the

Unconscious mind, and resolve the problem issues. 

While in the hypnotic state the subject can hear everything if they choose to and have the power to stop the session and open their eyes. It just feels like it's more of a challenge than it's worth.    

                           Let me help you

Change your  mind. And Keep The Change!  


With Hypnosis

I can also help you:  Stop Smoking and other addictions

stop panic attacks

control stress, andmanage anger

Improve skills and  performance 

Improve your golf or any other game

improve motivation

sales skills

public speaking

acting, singing


study habits and spelling

self image and  Weight control

And so much more!